Mosaic pillars?

Travelling around my neighborhood I’ve noticed these mosaic pillars (that’s what I’m calling them for now) scattered around and they make me wonder – Who put them there? Is there a pattern? Do they mean something? Are they marking something?

I’ve discovered at least 5 of them but can’t figure out the pattern. In front of the taqueria, in the porkchop, in a vacant lot by the freeway. They are all different but colorful and eye catching. There must be a story here! Who can help me find it?

Many people don’t notice these things until you point them out. My wife hadn’t noticed until I described them to her. She told me excitedly today that she saw 3 of them on her way to the grocery store.

Do you have a similar themed element in your neighborhood? Would you share in the comments and we can learn about it and highlight it?

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