The Sharing Spirit

I saw this post on NextDoor last week that warmed my heart. Both the act of giving the rock and the appreciation expressed are generous acts of neighborliness. Sacramento Park City is all about this spirit!

The other thing I love about this is the low barrier to entry for this spirit. I’m no artist, but I could paint a rock. Everyone can paint a rock. A simple idea that could grow. What if we had a neighborhood rock painting and exchange party. There would be a custom painted rock in everyone’s front yard. You would need to walk the neighborhood to see them all – can’t see them from your car. A scavenger hunt. Wouldn’t that add to your joy? When you’re looking for the rocks you are bound to notice some flowers and talk to some people. See how it grows? The key is starting it. It takes some courage to share your art with others. But see how much joy it can create? Take something and make your mark, then share it!

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