What if…. we had projects ready and ripe for when we come out of lockdown?

After being locked in for months we are looking to get out. To connect. Those of us whose income hasn’t changed haven’t spent and we are looking to invest. What if…. we had a list of projects that could put people and resources back to work quickly? Isn’t that what we want to do – policy makers are looking for shovel ready projects that show great results. Our Sacramento Park City project is brand new so didn’t have a backlog, but I image in a couple years we will. Here is one for now –

Alchemist CDC is working to build Pansy Garden Park in Oak Park and needs resources and funding to pull it off. You can buy a brick to support the project as just one act that will help create a new park in our city!

London National Park City posted a similar story and had a few examples of projects that were crowdfunded or gained support during the pandemic. If they can do it we certainly can! If you have ideas for projects we should consider adding to our list please let us know in the comments section or send them to us! We will be ready for the next one.

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