Bird Feeder Fun

How do you get people who aren’t very interested in the outdoors involved in the Park City movement? Maybe a bird feeder competition. One of the Park City folks on a recent call shared how he met with a bunch of gamers and IT professionals and they all decided to get bird feeders and are now learning about all their local birds (they’re in Louisville) and comparing notes back and forth. What he had doubts about really got these folks excited!

Closer to home, my wife went out and got a bird feeder this summer after she saw one at her friend’s house. I thought – “What do we need a feeder for? There plenty of diversity and food sources for them around here.” It took a few weeks for them to show up, but now we have some regular finches (which I haven’t seen before at my house) that clean out the feeder on a regular basis and add some wildness to our little yard. She was so excited about it so I got her a bird ID guide and now we are hoping some other varieties come for us to discover. Here’s a photo, but they are tough to catch posing.

So now her friend got a bird bath so you know what is next. If you have a bird feeder and have seen some fun visitors, put it in the comments – maybe it’ll be a competition (here’s looking at you Jewel).

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