Take a Tree Tour

Fall is coming! Our favorite season with crisp air and colorful leaves that last all the way to the holidays! It’s a great opportunity to explore with a socially distanced Tree Tour to see some of the best specimens in town. Sacramento Tree Foundation has 11 Tours to choose from an you can download the guides to follow for a nice stroll through the colors.

If you aren’t familiar with the areas, you can find them on our Park City Map. Look for the tree icons and if you click the link in one of the Tree Tour icons it will download the guide for you.

You may want to start with Capitol Park, since some of those trees are threatened by an expansion of the Capitol Annex and may not be there long (hopefully the state will revise that project!)

Once you have seen the beauties, this is the best time of year to plant a new tree, so if you have some space sign up and get some Free Shade Trees from SMUD and the Sacramento Tree Foundation.

Related to the map above, I was able to get out and add a number of murals but still have a way to go – seems like everywhere you look there are more to add! I’ll send out a note when I’ve got most of them on there!

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