Light Up the Night

As we head into the darkest part of the year (and another lockdown), we also celebrate light and the hope to come! Tonight starts Hannukah with the Festival of Lights and many streets have holiday lights strung along the trees for you to enjoy with an evening stroll. Parks Commissioner Devin Lavelle had a great idea a few years back to light the Pocket Canal and pathways with holiday lights and it looks fabulous! Lighted pathways are more inviting and safer for exploring at night and we think this idea could also be used in other communities. For urban pathways lighting can make an inviting space and dramatically increase use if done right – Rails-to-Trails has good guidance.

Speaking of safety, if you are cycling you want to make sure and have your lights, and if you need some hit up one of the SABA Lights On events starting next Thursday where they are distributing free lights.

It’s great to see neighbors coordinating to string lights all up and down the streets on trees, and even in areas lacking street trees (plant some!) there are creative ways to work together. Here is a pic of a simple street of arches made with inexpensive irrigation pipe and light strings that would brighten any evening walk!

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