Food Hubs are Coming!

Local food production in our gardens is one of the pillars we want to build our National Park City on, so it is great to see the EPA’s Local Foods, Local Places is supporting Sacramento community groups and the city in creating Food Hubs at the Alchemist Kitchen Incubator Hub, the former City Tree Nursery in Mangan Park, and the International Garden of Many Colors on Ninos Parkway!

More info here!

alchemist food hub.jpg

They still need to raise funding for buildout, but these great ideas deserve it and should be able to attract support! Incubators like this help educate and connect people to the food they are eating and provide community gathering places too.

Can’t wait for the Food Hubs to pop up?

Also, we are excited to see progress happening at Pansy Park which will have a new Alchemist community garden!

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