National Park Cities are hot spots of biodiversity where native species as well as landscape and adapted species fill unique microhabitats all over the city. Sacramento’s temperate climate allows for a huge variety of plants, animals, insects, and more – just take a look at all the sightings on this map from Inaturalist.

It lists 3,699 species identified by over 5,000 observers in Sacramento County, and I bet there are many more. You can join in the effort to identify even more by downloading the app and using it in your explorations around town.

I was reminded of this great tool (which I mostly use for wildflower ID) reading how cities around the world are finding success in efforts to add wildness to their cities and expand biodiversity. We can learn from these various approaches and I recommend taking a look at The Nature of Cities story. I particularly like the contributor from Bogota who stated “successful actions are those engaging people with urban nature and promoting common goals among diverse public and private stakeholders, that is, actions generating equal and just benefits for all citizens, because of conserving urban biodiversity.” We have a heavy lift to make Sacramento wilder, but it is great to konw 5,000 people area already out there making observations and we can look forward to building capacity with bioblitzes and more participants. What do you say?

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