City Designed by Trees

Ever thought about what our city would be if trees designed it? The Possible City considers the long term thinking and celebration in their exhibition and story The Dance of Thousands of Years that just opened in Seoul!

“a tree’s body,
record of a dance
that’s lasted thousands of years

can we remember
the steps?”

How would this oak that lived long before the street was paved have wanted it designed?

They ask – What if we listened to the voice of the trees, how might the things we hear transform the landscape of a city over years, decades, centuries? Here in the City of Trees we have so many to listen to – try it and share what you hear!

Celebrating with some magnolia blooms!
This one along the Parkway is very happy!

Designing our city like a tree would fits nicely with how we want a National Park City – share your ideas on our What If page as we build our vision for what it will be!

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