Arbor Week, Hanami, and Green Drinks Are Here

Eventhough it’s been cold, the blossoms are starting to spread around town and remind us of our beautiful trees getting ready to shade us all summer! We have to celebrate early in CA, so Arbor Week starts now! Sacramento Tree Foundation gives you some tips on how to Hanami by enjoying the cherry blossoms and is planning a whole new experience for us next year.

Come out to Green Drinks March 15 to hear what the plans are and how you can help grow our urban forest – they also have plantings coming up.

To get a better feel and get in the mindset for Hanami, check out this short story from Possible City – I love this quote in particular – “Alighting on the mainland side would be quicker, but he goes one stop further, exiting on the island. In the ensuing walk, there is always something to notice that makes his day a little bit better. Well worth the extra time, Kawaguchi thinks.”

Challenge: Look for something in your city every day that brings you delight and makes your day a little better! An unexpected delight! Feel free to share what you find!

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