What in the World?

Part of the fun of this National Park City initiative is we get to collaborate and learn with groups all over the globe! Right now there is a ton going on that you can join in!

  • River to River Trail meeting – Founders of the SF Crosstown Trail and Boston’s Walking City Trail are in town for CIM and want to meet with help with our own Instant Urban Trail at Oak Park Brewing Sunday, Dec 4 at 3:30pm.
  • Our National Park City partners in Galway, Chattanooga, Chicago, Belfast and Glasglow are putting on their first webinar on Urban Greenways and Blueways with lots to share – I hope they record it since it will be 3am our time – that’s one of the challenges with these international things!
  • National Park Cities created a new collaboration group we are participating in. Let me know if you would like to be added!
  • Biophilic Cities reports on how nature based solutions have been integrated into Cities4Diversity in 35 cities in 16 countries with tons we could apply here.
  • The Nature of Cities is inspiring us with ideas about building a sustainable ecological culture that is informing our vision for Sacramento – I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter.

That’s just a taste. In January we are going to launch in person meetings to see how we can apply all this locally!

916 Day

Our September list was missing a key event we just learned about – 916 Day! Celebrate the City of Trees with plantings in council districts around the city – and not all of them are on the 16th – a lot seem to be on the 10th and the 17th, but the Garcia Bend celebration happens on the real day! Parks are the gems in our National Park City crown so come out and show them some love – seeking 916 volunteers. Keep watering those trees too – I’ve seen a lot of parched leaves falling early and you don’t want to lose that investment!

September is Packed

Mark your calendars for some outdoor fun – some of our favorite events are coming right up! Chalk it Up is a Labor Day weekend fixture and the creative festival at Fremont Park is getting an expansion with Natomas Garden and Arts Club having a special event on Saturday only – stop by and check it out!

History is one of the things we celeberate and Preservation Sacramento is having their Historic Home Tour Sept 18. Get your tickets early and stop by our table to say “hi” and talk National Park City.

Give back by helping cleanup the Parkway on Sept 17 with American River Parkway Foundation and Sac Picks it Up! If that day doesn’t work Sac Picks it Up! is hosting multiple cleanups every week and making a huge difference for our environment – join in and get to it!

The big event is the Farm-to- Fork Festival Sept 8-24 with all kinds of events for you to enjoy tasting, listening, and using all your senses! I see a night Street Food fair on R Street is Sept 10 and the music on the 23rd and 24th look great! SABA is planning a social ride to parks that weekend that could end up there too!

Last thing not to be missed is Porchfest! It’s what every porch wants to be and showcases some of the best things in Sacramento. OK it is October 1, but you’ve been warned in advance so you don’t miss out. Get out a calendar and plan to hit all these things!

City Designed by Trees

Ever thought about what our city would be if trees designed it? The Possible City considers the long term thinking and celebration in their exhibition and story The Dance of Thousands of Years that just opened in Seoul!

“a tree’s body,
record of a dance
that’s lasted thousands of years

can we remember
the steps?”

How would this oak that lived long before the street was paved have wanted it designed?

They ask – What if we listened to the voice of the trees, how might the things we hear transform the landscape of a city over years, decades, centuries? Here in the City of Trees we have so many to listen to – try it and share what you hear!

Celebrating with some magnolia blooms!
This one along the Parkway is very happy!

Designing our city like a tree would fits nicely with how we want a National Park City – share your ideas on our What If page as we build our vision for what it will be!

Green Drinks and Recruiting

Green Drinks is back and highlighting us this Thursday at New Helvetia! Come on down and say hi! We’re starting to ramp up our campaign and if you’ve been on the sidelines and want to help out now is the right time to join – you can have a say in what Sacramento National Park City means and how it rolls out.

It’s been really fun starting this campaign virtually by meeting so many great local partners, and our last network call had people from all over the world participating – New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, UK, Korea, and Chattanooga! (Funny none of them had heard of Green Drinks either!) If you can’t make it Thursday drop me a note and we can talk about how to get involved.

PS -Happy Hour is til 6 so come a little early!

May is Bike Month

Biking is one of the best ways to explore the city! May is packed with events and you should sign up at May is Bike Month! If you don’t have a team already join our SacParkCity Team! We’re hosting an event May 16 at Gateway Garden where we tour the community created gardens of Oak Park with Bike Party – check out the flyer below.

There will be mural rides and lots of social rides and you can explore more routes like the River to River Trail! Don’t miss out!

Celebrate Earth Week!

This week is a great time to get out, explore, volunteer, and connect with the people making Sacramento better!

Friday evening join Bike Party for a Community Garden Tour of 10 gardens in 6 miles. Saturday join the American River Parkway Spring Cleanup, help launch the Florin Road Beautification Project, visit Mirasol Village, and visit the Environmental Justice Coalition Mixer.

Sunday is the big event at Southside Park for the ECOS Earth Day Celebration. SacParkCity will have our first table display out so stop by and say hi!

Clean CA grants

Sacramento did well by securing $16 million in state funding for various parks, cleaning, and beautification projects around town! There are constantly funds flowing from the state and we need to be positioned to put them to work making Sacramento better. Due later this month is the Urban Greening grant but we haven’t been able to identify a project yet – know someone applying that we can support or have an idea that we should build? Let us know!

Power of 10+

Spaces in Sacramento are always changing and developing – how do we ensure we are creating successful ones? Research from Project for Public Spaces shows that focus on the human experience can have immediate and widespread effects.

“The idea behind this concept is that places thrive when users have a range of reasons (10+) to be there. These might include a place to sit, playgrounds to enjoy, art to touch, music to hear, food to eat, history to experience, and people to meet. Ideally, some of these activities will be unique to that particular place, reflecting the culture and history of the surrounding community. Local residents who use this space most regularly will be the best source of ideas for which uses will work best.

Further, when cities contain at least 10 of these destinations or districts, their public perception begins to shift amongst both locals and tourists, and urban centers can become better equipped for generating resilience and innovation.”

How many places in Sacramento can you think of that have 10+ reasons to be there? Old Sac has train ride, underground tour, train museum, carousel, river walk, taste candy, history museum, boat rides, carriage rides, costume shopping, taffy sampling, eating, and drinking so checks the boxes. On R Street you can eat, drink, admire murals, see a band, shop – could use a few more. Let’s hope as Stockton Blvd is redeveloped and Alchemist Public Market grows we can create more places that make destinations and activate our city!