River to River Trail

River parkways are one of the best things to discover in Sacramento where you can explore nature and go for miles and miles. The River to River trail is the greenest connection to those rivers as it passes through parks and tree lined streets!

Follow the purple line on your phone by pulling up the SacParkCity Map or download the pdf with the buttons below. We recommend the SacParkCity Map so you can discover the art, gardens, and tree features along the way.

We selected this route (along with some snack spots) to help you explore this connection and your city. If you have ideas for additional instant urban trails we would love to help you develop them – we think there is potential along Arcade Creek, Morrison and Florin Creeks, and many other areas of Sacramento.

Park Volunteer Days

There are encouraging signs that we will be able to get out and start working on greening and beautifying our town again, with appropriate COVID protocols now in place. The Tree Foundation has started some neighborhood plantings for residents to participate in, and there are volunteer work days starting in South Sacramento and Pocket at Reith Park November 7 and Charter Pointe Park November 28. You’ll need to RSVP in advance! We are looking forward to having a full calendar of these opportunities again.

Idea for a project?

Alchemist CDC is launching a Neighborhood Empowerment program! If you have an idea that could make Sacramento better, get it out there! Once the idea is out we can see what resources and partnerships can be wrangled to it to make it happen. Have you been eyeing a space that could use some cleaning and greening or a place to grow some fresh veggies? Have an idea for an art project? or some outdoor seating? This is a great opportunity to ask “What If….?”

Explore the Murals – Sacramento Mural Map

Wide Open Walls is wrapping up and it is a great season to get out and explore all the street art in Sacramento! We’ve got the murals mapped out now on our map below that you can use on your phone to find the attractions near you. If we missed any let us know!

Our map also includes a set of murals on Franklin Blvd that celebrate the cultural heritage of the district and have a great suggestion – mural/taco tours! Who doesn’t love that? The businesses down there need you so get out and take a look at what the Business District has done.

Take a Tree Tour

Fall is coming! Our favorite season with crisp air and colorful leaves that last all the way to the holidays! It’s a great opportunity to explore with a socially distanced Tree Tour to see some of the best specimens in town. Sacramento Tree Foundation has 11 Tours to choose from an you can download the guides to follow for a nice stroll through the colors.

If you aren’t familiar with the areas, you can find them on our Park City Map. Look for the tree icons and if you click the link in one of the Tree Tour icons it will download the guide for you.

You may want to start with Capitol Park, since some of those trees are threatened by an expansion of the Capitol Annex and may not be there long (hopefully the state will revise that project!)

Once you have seen the beauties, this is the best time of year to plant a new tree, so if you have some space sign up and get some Free Shade Trees from SMUD and the Sacramento Tree Foundation.

Related to the map above, I was able to get out and add a number of murals but still have a way to go – seems like everywhere you look there are more to add! I’ll send out a note when I’ve got most of them on there!

Park Master Plan

Parks are the gems in our Park City, so it’s important we continue to improve them and ensure they are meeting our needs and expanding to connect us to nature and recreational opportunities to keep us active. The City is launching a Master Plan Update and looking for your input through September. Please take a few minutes and add your thoughts on how the parks can better serve you and what opportunities we can take advantage of to grow and integrate these gems into our neighborhoods. Click here!

Wide Open Walls

The best art festival of the year is here with WideOpenWalls already half over! New murals going up around town to add to the treasure hunt of visual delight in our city! With indoor activities curtailed this is a great time to go on a mural hunt – the website has an interactive map for you to follow and see some new outdoor art. The smoke has put a big damper on things, but if it gets in the healthy range this week get out and support some artists adding beauty with some encouragement!

Bird Feeder Fun

How do you get people who aren’t very interested in the outdoors involved in the Park City movement? Maybe a bird feeder competition. One of the Park City folks on a recent call shared how he met with a bunch of gamers and IT professionals and they all decided to get bird feeders and are now learning about all their local birds (they’re in Louisville) and comparing notes back and forth. What he had doubts about really got these folks excited!

Closer to home, my wife went out and got a bird feeder this summer after she saw one at her friend’s house. I thought – “What do we need a feeder for? There plenty of diversity and food sources for them around here.” It took a few weeks for them to show up, but now we have some regular finches (which I haven’t seen before at my house) that clean out the feeder on a regular basis and add some wildness to our little yard. She was so excited about it so I got her a bird ID guide and now we are hoping some other varieties come for us to discover. Here’s a photo, but they are tough to catch posing.

So now her friend got a bird bath so you know what is next. If you have a bird feeder and have seen some fun visitors, put it in the comments – maybe it’ll be a competition (here’s looking at you Jewel).

Tree Projects

If you are in South Sacramento there is a great new opportunity to improve your urban forest! The Sacramento Tree Foundation has $5,000 grants that can help you get started on a NeighborWoods project that can involve your neighbors, beautify the area, engage youth, and be a lot of fun! The application has ideas for projects and you should reach out to STF staff if you’re interested. Take that first step and share your idea here too!

On the down side of Sacramento tree news, an expansion of the Capitol is threatening a significant number of heritage trees in Capitol Park. You can learn about the risks and how to take action next week Sept 3, 11:30-1. If you can’t make that take a look at Sacramento Valley Urban Forest Council or Sacramento Tree Foundation stories on the issue.