Sacramento Park City is just launching so will be formed by the early adopters and founders. Now’s the time to get involved! Contact us if you want to check it out.

Sacramento Park City is envisioned to be a community-grassroots movement celebrating and supporting action by the residents in their community, in their business and profession. A new Sacramento Park City partnership will be formed of groups and organizations that sign on to participate in the campaign.

Its approach will be to:

  • Lead campaigns that drive demand for good practices
  • Galvanise a movement with a shared vision
  • Inspire activities that contribute to its aims, acting as a catalyst
  • Join up activity and thinking, at a city-wide scale
  • Increase investment into Park City related activities
  • Promote and share practice and knowledge, amplifying existing activity and extending benefits

The partnership will likely be led by a steering group and governed by a Park City Charter with participatory decision making. The Partnership will agree an Action Plan on a regular basis that will set out key activities that need to be delivered and progress could be monitored by a State of the Park City Report.

Guiding Principles for the Partnership are Fun, Inclusion, and Mutual Benefit.

The initiative will extend beyond environmental, arts, and history organisations, and include families, artists, sports clubs, government agencies, community groups, writers, councils, housing associations, schools, and many other diverse organisations and individuals to develop, extend and maintain activities and green spaces in localities, connecting with each other across Sacramento.

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