Why Sacramento National Park City?

It’s an inspiring vision. Think of Sacramento as a NATIONAL PARK CITY.

Not just the parks in the city. The PARK is your yard, porch, or balcony – Your street – Your neighborhood – The whole CITY. All of it!

What if you stepped out into nature every day? What if you felt excitement to be active, breathe clean air, eat local food? What if you had interesting art and history all around as you traverse your day? What if you were connected to other people, wildlife, and the forest around you? What if we built on the things that make Sacramento a great place? What if you were making Sacramento a greener, healthier, wilder, fairer, and more harmonious place?

What’s the Idea?

The idea of a National Park City is a unifying vision – to use the familiar idea of a National Park to inspire a shared vision for Sacramento, as a greener, healthier, wilder, more wonderful City where people, places and nature are better connected. The idea unifies all of the elements below into an inclusive campaign that anyone can join and the smallest actions can add to. There is a need for a regional vision with strong community support, and Sacramento National Park City can fill the gap.

Many people and organisations are already working on ideas and projects to improve and celebrate the nature, people and places of our City. The aim of the National Park City is to inspire a wider audience to feel part of this work and to take their own action to achieve this vision.

Why National Park City?

What can make life better in Sacramento? How about more of these?

  • Natural areas filled with heritage oaks and wildlife
  • Safe walks and rides with surprising art and attractions along the way
  • Colorful gardens growing delicious food
  • Cool and inviting streets shaded by trees
  • Sports, games, and music to join and watch
  • Chatting with neighbors, friends, and friends to be
  • Learning local history and ecology
  • Painting, planting, and plotting the future
  • Clearing the air, cleaning the water, capturing carbon
  • Jobs for underserved youth in their neighborhoods
  • and yes, maybe more cowbell

all part of the National Park City idea….

Sacramento as a National Park City?

What does Sacramento have going for it that would qualify it for a National Park City? Here are a few special strengths we have to build on!

Will you join us?

Get involved by exploring, enjoying, and building a better Sacramento. Connect with us to add your voice to the movement by email, social media, and contact us to add your organization to our list of partners. It’ll be fun – it happens in a National Park City after all!

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