What If?…

What is your vision for Sacramento National Park City?. We use the question “What If?” to collect visions of what a greener, healthier, wilder, more wonderful future would contain. Contribute your ideas and we will work them into our planning. Make them big and bold, but also achieveable with lots of resources and work!

Here are some ideas we have gathered so far-

  • What if we restored channelized creeks and made them into a network of greenways with trails? – Steve
  • What if we made statues at each school for the people they are named after? – Erika
  • What if we created community art hubs were artist could come together? – Erika
  • What if there was a “Water Trail” from Folsom to Discovery Park/Old Sac? – Dave
  • What if the downtown grid was closed to vehicles? – Deb
  • What if every neighborhood in Sacramento enjoyed the big tree canopy that draw people to neighborhoods like East Sacramento, Land Park and Curtis Park? – Caity
  • What if there was walkability with increased and diverse tree canopy -John
  • What if there was a growwth management initiative – Lena
  • What if we had a big beautiful tree canopy, more bikeped corridors, and super blocks like Barcelona along bioswales – Judy
  • What if we had artwork, cleaner streets, and a botanical garden – Kallell
  • What if we had less pavement and more green space – Bonnie
  • What if we had more planting of indigenous plants that can survive climate change – James
  • What if we had urban trail with marked sights to find such as important trees, murals, water features, architecture -Marco
  • What if we had a plaza culture where people can come together -Sandy
  • What if we had less traffic, more bike and ped facilities – Glenda

The Sacramento region has high levels of disparity and we are making efforts to include the visions from a broad cross section of communities, with a focus on building up resources for underserved areas. If you can help us with this outreach please let us know and we will ensure your voice is heard. Sacramento can only be a National Park City if we are working to extend these benefits to everyone.

Will you join us?

Get involved by exploring, enjoying, and building a better Sacramento. Connect with us to add your voice to the movement by email, social media, and contact us to add your organization to our list of partners.

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