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What in the World?

Part of the fun of this National Park City initiative is we get to collaborate and learn with groups all over the globe! Right now there is a ton going on that you can join in! That’s just a taste. In January we are going to launch in person meetings to see how we canContinue reading “What in the World?”

916 Day

Our September list was missing a key event we just learned about – 916 Day! Celebrate the City of Trees with plantings in council districts around the city – and not all of them are on the 16th – a lot seem to be on the 10th and the 17th, but the Garcia Bend celebrationContinue reading “916 Day”

September is Packed

Mark your calendars for some outdoor fun – some of our favorite events are coming right up! Chalk it Up is a Labor Day weekend fixture and the creative festival at Fremont Park is getting an expansion with Natomas Garden and Arts Club having a special event on Saturday only – stop by and checkContinue reading “September is Packed”

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