Where to invest

One of the core values we want Sacramento Park City to build from is inclusion. The movement needs to transfer power to the areas of our city that have the greatest needs to feel like a park and to the people that live and work there. We are looking for people to lead the effort from these communities. As a brand new organization you can shape the actions and direction that we focus on – just contact us to get involved. We are especially interested in creating youth leadership roles!

SMUD created the Sustainable Communities Resource Priorities Map below that shows the areas that are underserved or in distress based on a number of factors.

Trust for Public Land also has a Parkscore system that compares cities and includes a map where there are park gaps showing where investment needs to happen. Check it out – you’ll see some correlation between SMUD’s map and the sites where parks are needed there.

Incidentally, looks like the Parkscore for Sacramento is dropping – Sactown reported we were tied for 3rd in 2013 and now we are at #30. It looks like the weakest part of the pie is acreage, which they rank at 46 out of 100. There are many innovative ways to expand park acreage with street parks, community gardens, flexible spaces, and other ideas. We’ll have to explore those more as we go!

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