What in the World?

Part of the fun of this National Park City initiative is we get to collaborate and learn with groups all over the globe! Right now there is a ton going on that you can join in!

  • River to River Trail meeting – Founders of the SF Crosstown Trail and Boston’s Walking City Trail are in town for CIM and want to meet with help with our own Instant Urban Trail at Oak Park Brewing Sunday, Dec 4 at 3:30pm.
  • Our National Park City partners in Galway, Chattanooga, Chicago, Belfast and Glasglow are putting on their first webinar on Urban Greenways and Blueways with lots to share – I hope they record it since it will be 3am our time – that’s one of the challenges with these international things!
  • National Park Cities created a new collaboration group we are participating in. Let me know if you would like to be added!
  • Biophilic Cities reports on how nature based solutions have been integrated into Cities4Diversity in 35 cities in 16 countries with tons we could apply here.
  • The Nature of Cities is inspiring us with ideas about building a sustainable ecological culture that is informing our vision for Sacramento – I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter.

That’s just a taste. In January we are going to launch in person meetings to see how we can apply all this locally!

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